Got in my first trip to the Berry on Friday the 13th, and that it was. Got on the water at 0630 with lines in 10min later. A very cool morning & flat with water temp at 41. First fish was a bow-released. Next 2 came were feisty kokes in decent 2lb range. The 2nd one came as the wind started picking just before 0900. Wind wasn't too bad at first for about the first 40min. I did manage catch a cutt which I had no idea how long I was dragging it around. But after that the sheep broke into the pasture. When I got back to the dock it took me 30min to corral a line to the dock as the wind wouldn't give me a break to tie off. 2 wedge docks in the water and the wind would push me away no matter what the approach was. Fianally got boat trailered at 1100. This was a $100 round trip of diesel used for half a limit of kokes.