I did a solo trip 5-23 to Strawberry. Launched from the Bay and fished main body. When first arriving, I noticed how breezy & cold it was. Once on the water the chop wasn't without swells but no sheep in the pen early and not many boats with maybe 6 trailers in the parking lot. Both lines in at 0630 and didn't take long to hook up with a bow, then the cutts were coming. As I searched for kokes all I could find is a small school but not sure of its identity. By 0900 the wind started picking so I ventured into Renegade finding smooth seas only to hook up with another bow, not much going on there. Hit the narrows traveling to SC finding the schools of kokes there but didn't see anyone catch any. At 1130 I called it a day, ended with 2 bows and about a dozen cutts. By the time getting back to the Bay, the chop was getting rough. This day I couldn't buy a Koke.