Hello everyone,
We bought a new 20' Lund Impact two years ago and i do not have the luxury of storing it in a covered garage or boat-port. I have been tilting the trailer so the rear of the boat is below the front so it drains and keeping the travel cover on it. We do get a fair amount of snow here in Colorado and i try to sweep it off within a few hours of it falling. I am concerned after meeting a guy from Utah at the gorge with a similar, but 10 yr old Lund with a rotting floor in the back of the boat. I do not know how he stored the boat but i do not think my travel cover is fully water proof, especially where it makes contact on the inside of the boat. I believe Lund uses a pressure treated plywood covered with a vinyl material for the floors. Even with this i expect if the wood gets wet frequently it could weaken/rot it.

My question: does anyone with a aluminum boat comparable to Lund use shrink wrap during a snowy winter? I am concerned that when applying the heat to it, it could damage the decals on the exterior of the boat or?

Any insight would be appreciated.