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    Has anyone tried hooking up a solar charger to the battery for their trolling motor while they are on the water? I am only using a single 12 volt battery, and can normally get a whole day of fishing out of it if I start fully charged, but I am thinking if I hooked up a solar charger to the battery, I would never have to stop fishing! At least not to recharge the batteries! All joking aside, I thought it might be handy for an extended trip where I might not have the opportunity for shore power. I already have a solar panel that I bought for camping. I think I need a voltage regulator to make sure I do not over charge the battery on a really sunny day. Thoughts or experiences?

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    Using solar panels to keep that trolling motor battery juiced up while you're out on the water is a pretty clever idea. I mean, who wants to cut their fishing trip short, right? With a single 12-volt battery, you're already getting a good run, but adding those solar panels 300w could be a game-changer. Now, about the voltage regulator, you're spot on. It's like the traffic cop for your battery, making sure it doesn't get overcharged on those super sunny days. Nobody wants a battery meltdown, right? Seems like you're thinking ahead for those long trips where shore power isn't on the menu. Honestly, it's a pretty sweet plan, and I've heard of folks having success with it. Just make sure to do your due diligence on the setup, and you might end up with endless fishing days and a seriously impressed crew.
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    Not yet , but looking forward to do it.
    How was your experience?
    I spent most of last year doing research, then the project got put on hold. I determined that I did need a voltage regulator. I purchased it this summer but have not had time to put everything together. I will post a report once I complete the project and get a chance to test it.


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