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Thread: Which Corn is Best for Fishing and a How To Make Video

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    Default Which Corn is Best for Fishing and a How To Make Video

    Which corn is best for fishing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Fougere View Post
    Which corn is best for fishing?
    Shoepeg corn is my "go to" for kokes.


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    Good video. I'm usually a shoepeg guy as well. I've run my own tests and did a fair amount of research on different types of corn. I haven't seen the peaches and cream corn here in the US. It generally is between shoepeg corn and sweet corn for us. Side by side, I haven't noticed any difference at all between those two. The main difference comes down to getting kernels on hooks. Shoepeg corn is smaller, and harder for big guys to put on hooks at times, but it stays on hooks better. Sweet corn is easier to put on a hook, but can get knocked off with light strikes. That's the short version anyways. Here's a link to the full write up I did on the different corns I tried for kokanee baits. How does the peaches and cream compare to sweet corn in terms of size, firmness, and starch content?


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