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    Default Montana blades

    I recently discovered a blade called the "Montana" blade. It is essentially a flat coil that stretches out and rotates around the beads as it is pulled through the water. The blades are often used on walleye lures. They do have some interesting colors available. Has anyone used them in place of the popular smile blades? (I tried to copy an image but wasn't successful.)

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    I looked at the manufacturer’s site. I like a lot of movement in my attractors and this doesn’t look like it has that much. Maybe put a kink in the Mylar at the end?

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    I have not used them, but they might be worth a try. They are not that expensive. Let us know if you try them.

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    I would be apt to try anything after the dismal season we had here with kokanee. The bite became harder as the summer came on even when trolling thru schools. The only deterrence I see with using this item would be changing the dodger action and maybe that would depend on what size & shape the dodger is.
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