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Thread: 11/13 chasing rainbows

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    Default 11/13 chasing rainbows

    Headed out around 9 am, launched out of Sheep Creek because the wind was blowing pretty bad. Started fishing right by the ramp and got a few but it was kinda slow so we headed in to the canyons stopping quite often. We would get a few out of every place we stopped. We only used jigs and I would guess we got close to 20 fish or so. The wind just kept getting worse so we called it a day and I was home by 2. It was a fun day to be out fishing but I sure could have done without the wind.

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    Thats fishing at the Gorge, not if the wind will blow, but when it will start and just how bad. Sounds like a good time. Congrats on a good outing.
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