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    Fished Mon. 16th with a mix of Lakers, Cutty & Kokes. Fished from 6 AM till 3 PM and ended up with a total of 8 fish caught. We had two big ones hooked and fought them for a while before they both got off. It was very slow catching fish and HOT weather. We noticed that a lot of the boats were spread out searching, for Kokes I assume. I saw three main groups, one spread out along Breeze Hill, one near the island, and one north of the island. The traffic wasn't bad and the boaters respected each other paths. The parking lot at Buckboard was about 1/4 full from what I could see from the water. Tuesday's heat was awesome. We had to quit earlier than we wanted to because of the heat. It usually takes us a day to find the fish and another to figure out what they wanted to strike. We thought on the third day, Wed., we'd have more success. No such luck. It was raining in the morning, then the wind kicked up and drove us off at about 9:30 AM. We caught three small Kokes and one 3 lb. before pulling lines and heading to port. The water temps, 70 degrees, was warmer than the air, 54 degrees. Gas price in Manila, $4.09.
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    Thanks for the report, the Gorge has cooled off itself this year fishing. The last trip I made I came home empty handed. I'm pretty much done with the koke season and the closure is coming in on us.
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