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    Default stink removal

    What does everyone use to eliminate the smell of success after a Kokanee outing. I have a hard time getting rid of the smell after a day of kokes bouncing around in the boat.

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    Having a fish box to hold & bleed out the catch helps. The top of fish box is like a cutting/fileting board. After done with the kokes I immediately put on ice. I have a wash down that does the final clean up. After a couple of days the lingering smell of success dissipates. Occasionally I will scrub it down with dawn. However another product I like is KABOOM, it does a good job cleaning without all that scrubbing and leaves a pleasant odor. That only works if you are using it on a fish box or livewell or vinyl floor.
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    Thanks for the tips Bduck. I will give the Kaboom a try. My son recently left an unopened chocolate milk in one of our floor storage boxes in the boat and it is aweful!


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