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Thread: Gorge- June 3, 4 & 5

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    Default Gorge- June 3, 4 & 5

    We checked in at Anvil and the inspector told us that they were catching 4 1/2 pound Kokanee from Anvil to Squaw Hollow. So we started fishing at Anvil. Our original plan was to jig for Lakers in Utah, we were advised that with the recent stocking of million-plus Kokes & Rainbows that the Lakers were gorging on and were hard to catch.

    We caught two, 2 lb. Kokes at Anvil and no more. So we ran up to Buckboard and had better luck using wedding rings, red & green color.
    We caught fish from 5 ft to 40 ft down. The surface water temperature varied from 61-69 degrees. At times the Garmin graph reported dense masses of plankton (I think) close to the cliff walls.

    We talked to a fellow who said he caught a 28lb Laker and couldn't keep up with all the Lakers on his lines.
    He was trolling 4" Rainbow Rapalas near the bottom. So on our last morning, we trolled around the Big Bend Bend area and caught 7 Lakers, the largest being 10 lbs.

    The Buckboard Marina has no gas dock, apparently, it sunk during the winter and has not been repaired. The boat ramp has a number of large bumps, so watch your step. The Marina Bar has one item on the menu, Buffalo Burgers & Fries, nothing else. They have no resident boat mechanic on-site anymore, they have to call one in from the outside and if you need work done you have to wait for him to arrive. They have a tackle shop in a separate building, $12.00 for a wedding ring.

    WY Fish & Game was stopping fisherman leaving Buckboard and surveyed them about the size and quality of their catch. They wanted to see what they caught. Earlier they were on the water doing the same thing.
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    Thanks for that great report

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    Sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for the info.

    I do agree with all the fish that have been planted over the last few weeks has changed the Mac fishing to say the least.
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