I pick up my NEW boat tomorrow, an Allied Mustang P19PH, and plan on spending time chasing silver bullets around Idaho. I have two Scotty downriggers, 4 Lamiglass rods, 2 Abu Garcia LC reels, 2 Okuma LC reels, and a stiffer Lumiglass rod with a Cabelas reel for long lining. Since my boat delivery was delayed for lack of parts, I have been accumulating dodgers, lures and knowledge during the wait. We will be building our own lures as we donít watch TV and this will give us something to do in the evenings and during the cold winter months. My wife loves to fish and I recently retired so this pursuit will keep us busy traveling the west.

We pick up the boat Monday (tomorrow) and plan to hit Lucky Peak as our first outing. The boat has a 150 hp and 20 hp motors that need to be broken in properly, plus we have to learn how to work everything including the Garmin fish finder. We plan to focus on lakes/reservoirs in Idaho this year as we wait for our Alaskan Camper to be built (1.5 year leadtime) that will allow us to take 3-4 day trips around visiting some beautiful country. Our primary interest will be Kokanee, Big Rainbow Trout, and Landlocked Chinook Salmon. I have always owned boats but have NEVER owned a new one preferring to rebuild old boats and making due with a very limited budget. This project is the highlight of my life and something that we are really looking forward to.

I hope to post our progress often and share our adventures over the next few years. Please say hello if you see us out and about.

David Sawyer
Star Idaho

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