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Thread: Where are the kokane report

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    Default Where are the kokane report

    put the boat in the water at Lucerne Valley Marina and worked my way to the ranch house making a lot of stops in between and did not see every many kokanee and I have good fishfinders.
    above the pipeline saw on the live scope what I think was a school of kokanee down 70 feet. another place down 60 feet. just south of the ranch house nothing then moved over where I think Aaron just posted about. and there did see some kokanee schools. we got 8 not all in the same spot. downriggers down 30 to 50 feet. so the deepest ones we caught was down 50 feet.
    my glow dodgers worked best had some green on most of the dodgers .

    when I got back to the Lucerne Marina I saw something I have never seen before the sun was just going down.
    there was little silver fish about 3 to 4 inch long. coming out of the water and running. they were all over if you look at the webcam it was the whole part from the north to west shore.
    it lasted about 15 min.

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    I had the same thing, you either had your screen backed out or you didn't see anything. Did you have them hitting anything consistently?


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