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    So last summer I upgraded from my old slow mini mags to some new to me mag 5 hs down riggers. I sure love the speed difference and auto stops.

    So I go to use them last month and I was shocked to find one that would go down but not up. I did some troubleshooting and find the control board was bad. No big deal I think. I pick up the phone to get one on order and was informed by Cannon that they have been discontinued and they don't have a replacement.

    I start checking around and have a friend inform me that he found one that might work on Mike's reel repair , so I start sending emails and be for long I had one on its way.

    They have taken the current board and modified it to work on some of the older down riggers. They are a plug and go fit and work great.

    It saved me from having to by new down riggers.

    Hope this might help someone save some money.
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    That is NOT a good move by Cannon, glad I have scotty's, service and help are light years ahead of Cannon.


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