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    After fishing F,G. for a lot of years the wind as we all know comes up almost every day. I watch the news to see when the wind is going to be bad but sometimes i think they are just practicing because it still gets bad on the days that it suppose to be fairly light. Not being very tech savvy does anyone know of an app to add to my phone that is a little more accurate?

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    I have two that I use. One is Windfinder and the other is windy. I have apple products. Both work, just have to look at both of them and see which one you like best. You can create favorites and easily navigate to where you are headed. Good luck with those
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    I use underground weather, but I do think that with having the Uintah mountain as close as they are they can and will change the weather without warning and it makes it hard to forecast. I have left town with no wind and had it blowing so hard at the take I turn around and go home.

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    I use Wind Speed Forecast app, also available in apple store
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    Thanks guys I will try to use one of them


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