Thought I'd spend some time working on the old Weldcraft since I won't be taking it out til Spring. The old dash was okay, but not enough switches for the added equipment I installed, and I really hate it when there's holes drilled all over the place to add extra switches!!!
Now that I've added headlights for running in the dark, as well as a VHF marine radio, stereo and the Humminbird, I need to add some fuses and switches! This is the old dash, still in great condition, just not useful any more:

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Laid out my design and came up with this:

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Ordered a couple of new gauges, red halo-style pushbutton switches, 12 circuit fuseblock and just cut the new panel from 0.080" aluminum plate, just waiting for the rest of the switches to come in so I can start wiring it all in! Going with a red-colored theme since the boat's red:

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Already printed the dash panel and used a matte lamination for the panel's decal, waiting for my buddy to come over so I can use his holesaw kit. Of course, I have the size larger and smaller than what I need for the gauges and switches!!!
More pics to come as I finish this project up!!!