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Thread: 2021 Lucky Peak Reservoir Kokanee Report

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    Default 2021 Lucky Peak Reservoir Kokanee Report

    More fish, less Virus in 2021.
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    Default Lucky Peak

    I have not fished there for two years now, hoping 2021 will prove to be a better year.................

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    Quote Originally Posted by sawtooth View Post
    More fish, less Virus in 2021.
    Boats in getting tuned Next change out steelhead gear for kok gear wait for 60+ degrees and im fishing

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    Default 2/7/21 report

    Fished 0900-1200. Water was 34-35 degrees. Flatlined rods from 45-75 ft. Lost one koke at the boat, boated a 16” koke, tossed back a nice though lethargic rainbow.

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    Hunting season is over and I already have cabin fever. Im wanting to go to lucky peak to catch anything I can lol. Anyone been hitting it up? Any luck? I really need to get my trout stock back up for when cat fishing season starts
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    Hey Terek.... I haven't ventured out yet. I'm headed to St. Helens OR for some Springer chinook fishing middle of next month. I would like to have a shake down trip locally before I hit the big river. I imagine lucky peak's water level is WAY DOWN. Do you know if there is any ice on the reservoir?


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    I took the boat out for a shakedown about 10 days ago at Lucky Peak, didn't see any ice all the way up to Spring Shore, launched from Turner. The week before that had some light ice on top right after Spring Shore though.

    Planning on hitting Arrow Rock in a couple weeks if weather permits, hope the road is graded by then, last year was getting pretty bad!



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