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Thread: 2021 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Report

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    Default 2021 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Report

    More fish, less Virus in 2021.
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    Default Boat access

    I noticed the boat ramp and most free camping (spillway) areas are closed until May 15 2021. Does this mean you cant launch your boat or park until May?

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    I've launched there before 15 May.... Just make sure there aren't any barriers erected that will cause you problems when launching. The docks won't be in the water just yet.....and there may be too much snow on the ground to get in there. If I remember correctly, last year it was a muddy mess trying to launch during the the thaw. You will most likely need 4 wheel drive if you don't have it.


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    Default Ramp at vicinity of Anderson Dam

    Saturday, I was down at the ramp near the dam, i think it is called Elk Creek Ramp? Anyway, the dock was not close to being in the water, but the ramp itself is accessible and there it is dry. Talked to a couple of boats when they came in. Said there were not a ton of fish biting, but the fish that were landed had good size for this time of year. Water is clear, at least near the launch, do not know how it looks closer to the narrows and Lime Creek.


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