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    Iíve been researching a whinny noise coming from my main F150 Yamaha boat motor. At first I always thought it was a normal sound coming from this outboard when I bought this boat 4yrs ago. I came across it accidentally when I was looking at info posted thru a boating forum and there I found many new threads about a harmonic balancer. As I was digging and finding old threads I had found many folks had changed the harmonic balancer with a newer version throughout the years. Some newer versions yet still got replaced as the issue never got a fix. From 2004 to 2012 there were 4 upgrades from original design. Previous 4 versions were still having same issue which are obsolete now and last version was fix.
    These are the part numbers listed:
    2004 63P-11500-00-00
    2005 63P-11500-01-00 changed
    2006 63P-11500-02-00 changed
    2009 63P-11500-03-00 changed
    2012 63P-11500-04-00 changed
    I could have made a career reading thru the multiple threads on that forum from years past but one individual mentioned a YouTube video so the first video listed in my search was enough to help me. I couldnít find a part number but did find a 1 stamped on my balancer housing. I took a pic of the balancer housing with a circle around a couple of numbers but just above that circle is 1, that is the only indicator. Next is the YouTube video of a Yamaha F150 making a whinny noise which is the same exact noise mine makes. Youíll hear the difference from old balancer to new balancer, its very distinctive. From the info I collected these balancers self-destruct with there plastic gears in time clogging oil system which can lead to trashing the motor eventually and mine has been well on the way of doing that for a long time from my judgement. My motor is considered a 2007 date of manufacture is 2006 which is suggesting that this balancer is the original installed at the factory. When bought it had 668hrs and now it 761hrs. That's a $15-20g deep pocket expense for a new motor or more for a $425 part. I ordered a new balancer unfortunately its going to be at the least 2wks before receiving.
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