Please do not hold it against me - my wife and i are probably just a few of the conservatives in Boulder!! Just joined the forum and i am happy to learn and to share information.

Sold our 2 Hobie fishing kayaks a couple of months ago and bought a new Lund. We usually fish Stagecoach 3 - 4 trips per year with our kayaks but since having the boat we are going to Blue Mesa for kokes. I would much prefer to eat a koke over a rainbow anyday. Been to BM 3 times this summer with limited success. Caught kokanee, rainbow and brown trout, as well as lake trout but not in great numbers. Tried jigging for kokes a couple of weeks ago for the first time with limited success. Not happy with our Lowrance Hook2, cannot seem to make fish! New fish finder is in the mail but i will have to put in the time to get over the learning curve. Locals at BM say jigging this year is about 2 weeks earlier than normal. Planning on at least one or two more trips to BM or the gorge this year before duck season takes me away.

I enjoy reading everyone's posts, they are very informative. We fished BM for a few times about 14 years ago when it was on fire and the limit was 10 fish. That was really our only experience so i consider myself a beginner. Thanks.