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    Hey all it's time for me to select a new fish finder for my new to me 21-ft used hewescraft jet. I'm looking to spend less than $1,000 but want a nice unit. I currently have a Garmin on my 14-footer and have been over all very happy with it.

    My question is with the new offerings from the major manufacturers what you guys recommend. I realize everyone has their own favorite brand but I'm more after UHD down imaging vrs side scan. I am not a big time bass fisherman I love to fish kokanee, but would also like to someday be able to target walleye, and possibly land locked kings.

    I fish dworshak primarily and am just not sure if UHD down imaging will even be a benefit in 400 feet of water. Same with side scan in a body of water that deep and wide.

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    PM sent, I hope it helps
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