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Thread: First timer on the GORGE !

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    Hello all,
    The kids and I are headed to flaming gorge for the first time in two weeks. Id no longer consider myself a newbie to koke fishing, but Ive never fished flaming gorge so any advice on a starting point would be great. Im solid On my gear and have DRs. So really a general location would help. Im staying in Manila, and since Im Not a resident of Wyoming or Utah, Id really only like to fish in Utah so I only have to pay the non-resident fees for one state. Id be grateful for advice on Macks and bass fishing as well. I thought about using Lucerne or sheep creek ramp so advice on which you prefer would be helpful also. If your ever fishing in Idaho Id be happy to return the favor.
    Thank you in advance

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    You can access Sheep Creek by boat launching from Lucerne plus get a good scenic view cruising into the canyons. Traveling to Sheep Creek to launch will give you the birds eye view of partial canyon looking down from the road. Sheep Creek is a good area for Kokanee and Hideout is another. With the July 4th weekend here the crowds, the power squadrons will be out in force so the launch ramps at either end will be very busy. Have Fun BE SAFE
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    The mack fishing is often done in the antelope flat area which is closest to the Lucerne launch. I've just recently started using the Sheep Creek launch for Koke fishing in the canyon and really loving it.
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