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Thread: Strawberry 6-23-2020

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    Picked up my fishing partner AFDan at O-dark-thirty and ventured off for the 2hr drive to the Berry. When we arrived at sunrise the parking lot at the Bay was already 2/3 full with nonstop boaters still coming in. One good thing is after prepping the boat folks were being very orderly at the launch in getting on the water. We were able to pull into position without waiting. Once on the water we could see a lot of boats no matter where we went. We did find our own area with less congestion. It didn't take long beat down that skunk that can plaque a boat at the start. Of coarse we can rely on the cutty's to be the savior. It didn't take long to get the kokes to play. It was not a fast & furious bite but we managed to get our limits filled . Our catch was mostly in 2lb class with largest at 2.5lbs. Pink worked best for the cutts while orange or white did good for kokes. Surface temp was 60 early, 50 at 40', 54 at 35'. Most catching was between 20-30'. By the time we got to the launch near 1pm the wind started up and didn't take long with white caps.
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    Nice Job guys, good to hear you found some willing participants!
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