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Thread: Wickiup Reserver up date.

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    Default Wickiup Reserver up date.

    My wife and myself arrived 25th Monday. Fished Tuesday hit the lake. The lake is down close to 25/30 ft. Had 49% on the Davis arm. 51/54 degree on the lake. Water clear great visibility. Early reports what had been working wasn't working . Switch over to Palina Cascade with black beads along with a silver blade and silver wobbler with did some damage. 90 ft back on DR down to 22 ft down bingo nailed a quick 5 / than lost my throttle linage on my tiller handle on my sled. The fish were beautiful hard fighters12 to 14 in. In size. They range fat and big. Hope this helps someone. Kokanee what worked yesterday doesn't mean it's going to work tomorrow.
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    Throw one on here. Haven't been to this site in a while. Wick may be on its last legs, get them while. you can, might have another week or so. Nice fish to 17" to be had, and over 2#'s. Banged out 40 last Friday. Trolling mini hootchies near the bottom in the channels. Lake had a good rebound year but will be empty by Mid Aug. And chances of it going empty again next year are high cause they are not allowed to retain the water like they use to over the winter. Two empty years back to back will kill the Koke fishery. Total and complete shame, damn the frog.


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