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Thread: North Carolina Kokanee?

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    Default North Carolina Kokanee?

    Hey folks! I'm new here so please excuse my greenness. I've been researching kokanee salmon after discovering there is some in Lake Nantahala in SW North Carolina where I live. Has anyone been fishing there or would have any suggestions as to how to fish for them there? I've heard people troll...


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    NCSAMMONMAN Sorry can't contribute there as I live in the western US. There is a couple of guys out your way that do contribute however we'll be looking fwd to yours.
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    Welcome NCSAMMONMAN from a former resident from Fayetteville (Ft. Bragg). Back when I lived there (60's-70's) I didn't even know what a kokanee was much less know that I would have a passion fishing them up here in the Pacific Northwest Washington (PNW).

    Up here we troll exclusivity for them but in other places like Oregon they jig after they find a school of them.
    I'd try asking around locally for any information about how to catch em.
    Please report back of your adventures there, I may even make the trip back one day to get after some NC kokanee.

    Jim Sr.

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    Default kokanee fishing east of the mississippi

    Nice to see there are a few guys still targeting kokanee back here in the east. I've been fishing for kokanee in northwest CT for the past 50 years and have seen the ups and downs of the fishery. Currently we have two lakes which are producing good numbers of fish if you spend a little time researching how the catch them.
    I was contemplating a trip to Lake Nantahala a few years ago but passed after doing some research. Hope they get the lake back to where it was in years past producing some nice fish. I would appreciate any positive info regarding the kokanee fishery in the future.
    If anyone needs info regarding the fishery here in CT I would be happy to help you out. I am a registered fishing guide here in CT and spend a lot of time targeting kokanee. I can be found at


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