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My buddy and I went out Saturday. Launched at Freeman and fished near and in Canyon Creek . Started about 7:15am, two limits by 1:00pm. Slowed down the last hour and a half or so. Fish not real big, averaged about 9" with some 10" and a couple 11". Great day on the water.

That's hopeful for a good season. Being upstream of Dent Bridge is too early for that to be the majority of the fish.Correct me if I'm wrong, as the reservoir fills between now and July fourth when the target is full pool. the fish should be 'grazing' on plankton build up in the deep richer end of lake, especially as the surface tempts start going up blooming the food source. They shouldn't be heading up lake until later in their cycle. ACoE last month dumping a lot of water messed that all up.