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Thread: 2020 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Report

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    Default dead fish in arrowrock

    Quote Originally Posted by MaGoo View Post
    I fished Arrowrock twice early spring. When I was loading the boat one of the times I saw a very large number of dead fish. They had been dead for some time, could not identify them. Now I wonder if they have a large kill. Did it go through all three reservoirs. Did anyone see the dead fish.
    fished arrowrock this spring and also saw many 16" rainbows dead on the boat ramp. Fished down by the southfork and trolled all the way back didn't see fish on the finder and only caught 1 16" trout, very slow.

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    Haven't seen the dead fish being talked about here. Last time I fished Arrowrock was 3-4 weeks ago. We got 3 small kokes and loads of trout. Many of the trout were 15-16 inches with full tails.

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    Default Dead Slow at Arrowrock as well

    I fished yesterday, 6/22 at Arrowrock, launched at 6:15 am fished all the places I have caught kok for years and seen very few on the finder, fished all day at different depths but mostly targeted the 25 to 35 foot levels, caught 4 planter bows, no squaws and no kok's, did not see any schools either, tried all different colors, scents, speeds, leader lengths, depths, everything I could think of doing to entice a bite and again I was served a big helping of humble pie, just like Anderson Ranch, I wish all you kok hunters the best of luck, we are going to need it this year.

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