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Thread: 2020 Arrow Rock Reservoir Kokanee Report

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    Default 2020 Arrow Rock Reservoir Kokanee Report

    May the road up to the lake be smooth and limits plentiful this year. Good luck to all.
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    Default The Road to Arrowrock

    The wife and I took the pups up to Arrowrock to check out the reservoir, and the infamous road leading up to the boat launch. The good news is that the water level on the reservoir is pretty full. I'd say about 10 to 15 feet from the high water mark. They obviously are not letting water flow out of Arrowrock into Lucky Peak ..... you can literally wade across the "stream" at the base of the dam (on the Lucky Peak side) without getting your knees wet. Lucky Peak, by the way, is very very low. I saw only one boat on the reservoir, near the dam, (nice aluminum boat about 18 feet long with a black top).... and there were a few "Bankies" fishing from Turner's Gulch.

    The bad news is the road...... it's just a smidgen better than HORRIBLE. While there were pretty bad stretches of potholes along the entire road, the section as you pass by Arrowrock dam is probably the worst part. Lots and lots of potholes. And as a bonus, there are rocks and gravel sliding off the rock face on the north side of the road. Because it's only one lane there you are forced to drive right through the ruts and potholes. In a few places, you have to drive closer to the guardrail to avoid the rocks piled up from the slides. I'm not even thinking of dragging my boat through there until a grader goes through and fills in the potholes. I was quite surprised to see that there was a Bankie over near the boat launch who somehow pulled his travel trailer through that mess and parked it on the beach. Nice setup for bank fishing.....but damn.... !!! Also, there were a dozen or more of trucks parked along the side of the road. Most of them had trailers behind they were puling 4 wheelers into the hills. I didn't see any 4 wheelers around..... is there hunting open up there??? Maybe a late Bow season???

    Anyone know who usually maintains the road? Anyone we can call??? I'm getting the itch. Oh, by the way, I saw ice on the Morris Creek section of Lucky Peak, and maybe a some out in front of Spring Shores....but it was kind of hard to tell if it was ice or wind action on the top of the water. I didn't see any ice at all on Arrowrock.


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    Default fished 2/3/20

    fished out on arrowrock for about 3 hours on the third, debris everywhere on the water, caught a few trout, but no kokes.
    i will agree with the road being miserable, but as long as you take it slow... on second thought, not worth it.
    but i will say, if we can just leave the road like that, imagine all the people it will keep from going there no completely apposed to that idea... haha
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