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    Thanks for putting on an outstanding forum, I have been reading and learning as a guest for a while. I mostly fish Blue by kayak (in the morning) but try to get to Ridgway and Taylor when I can. I am tying my rigs for hoochies and havenít gotten into spinners and beads yet.
    I am at the steep part of the learning curve but I have the bug bad.
    If any other kayak guys would care for some company I am geared up and self sufficient but excited to learn and share anything I can. I donít have anything against boats, just out of my budget:)
    PM me for a contact if you like, otherwise I will join in on threads when I get a chance.

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    Welcome to our boards kokaneeds That bug you have will get taken by the catch. Looking fwd to your reports
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    Welcome Kokaneeds,
    Saw a guy and his daughters "trolling" on a two seater sit on top kayak at the Gorge a few weeks ago. Each evening I'd watch them reel in a few fish. I was shocked when I saw their stringer always included a couple of kokes. Looked like a LOT of fun and the girls always had big smiles on the face as they walk by camp. I "get it" now. Been reading your reports on another site for BM - (my other favorite lake!) Again, "Welcome" and looking forward to your posts.

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    Thanks Oldín Still learning:)
    It is a lot of fun, we were doing the math on a boat last summer and couldnít make it add up. For way less than a grand we ended up getting everyone in the family in kayaks and geared up. A boat will come when it is supposed to but until then we will fish out of about anything that floats:)!
    BM is a lot to learn, I am glad you guys share some good info and look forward to contributing anything I can.
    Tight lines:)

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