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Thread: 2019 Blue Mesa Kokanee Fishing Report

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    Trolling might be the ticket early, but come about 9 I would be on the jigging rods. Me and my dad fished both days this last weekend and managed to put a few 2 man limits in the cooler. 75-95ft and schools aren’t real hard to find, although I wonder how long they will stick around. Weather permitting I will be there Sunday. Maybe I’ll see you there.
    Good luck to ya!!!

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    Default First day on THE Blue Mesa

    Well we made it out to the lake today and saw a fellow forum member. Looked like knew what he was doing.
    I’ll let him give the report since Mom and I didn’t eve get bumped pewee the smell as in skunked.🤬. Fish are acting weird guess it must have been the full moon last night.
    CH at The Blue Mesa.
    God does not subtract one minute of life for the hours spent fishing.

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    The full moon should drive most these fish up the river. The fish were acting really weird yesterday morning. They wouldn’t sit still...which is typical early in the morning but yesterday it was at least 11am before we could sit on a school longer than 10mins. I think they are all ready to go party up river. They weren’t spooking away, they were just moving around a lot.. My dad and I did meet Cofisherman as well. He has one sweet boat!!! Good luck to ya on the rest of your trip!!
    We did get over one nice school just as wind started picking up and finally left with 8 fish.
    Jigging season was better than I expected after a slow trolling season. But I think I have made my last trip to “the blue” for this year or until ice season. have a private message!!

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