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Thread: Oregon lakes going down the tubes,

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    Default Oregon lakes going down the tubes,

    They have drained and destroyed are best trophy water for kokanee at Wickiup. The lakes been a trickle leaving the water to warm for fsh to survive,in the summer. They've drained Detroit res. After trying to built up the kokanee fishing. We got green Peter the problem it's not camper friendly. Folks are setting up tents along the roads. We have Odell we got shelter cove with is a top shelf resort with a marina. The rest of the camp grounds run by the state run buy VoDo take reservation a year in advance. Camp sites are taken up a year in advance,half the folks are a no shoe, Sunset has no water. Seems were going down hill. Seems Wahington has more to offer, Odell he a great kokanee lake just pushing us into smaller and smaller areas.

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    Sorry to hear that mrmike. I don't know if it is the nature of Kokanee fisheries but they seem to swing more drastically than other species that I think of. All it takes is a couple of screw ups at a hatchery and a whole years worth of fish are lost across many lakes. Hopefully water management and the fish biologists can get everything corrected.
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