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Thread: 2019 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Kokanee Fishing Report

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    I've never worried about that barometer crap. I've had some of my best fishing in the pouring rain, wind, lightning, etc... if the fish are biting, they're biting. Just my 2 cents.

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    Default June 5

    Fished from about 8:30am 'til 1:00pm. Pretty day, had hoped for better fishing. Landed 4 kokanee (15 to 17 inches) lost 1.
    3 were caught on a long line probably not over 10 feet deep, pulling a Cousin Carl Moon Glow flasher and white hoochie.
    The other was caught at about 25 feet on a white Arrow Flash with a white hoochie. No luck on other colors.
    All were caught between Curlew and Lime creek.
    Good to get out!!!

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    Default 6/7/18

    Seems that things are slowing down as we fished from 2-8 PM last night and only one small Koke. Other boats gave similar reports
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    Default Corrected date from last post 6/11/19

    Slowing down....
    1985 grey and black Aquaglass Bass boat 16.5 ft 115 horse mercury.

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    Default Jun 11

    Yep, fished Tues for 3.5 hours in the morning, got 8 in the boat. Was a 19.25 inch hog. Last 1.5 hour no bites. Not into changing lures and dodgers often. I just don't these fish collectively decide what color of lures will make them attack. O well try again next day off. Good luck all.

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    Default Yearly Trip to Anderson in the books

    Hit Anderson Ranch Monday and tuesday. Monday was slow. Caught 3 in about 6 hours of fishing. Lost the same. One big one right at the boat. Couldnt figure out what they wanted. Could not get them to hit anything pink or white. Finally got them to hit a green squid. Tied some more that night and Tuesday was better. Fished for 4 hours in them morning and got 5 in the boat. Two of them were 19". Had two that were 14 that i dont know how long we drug around. The poles weren't even moving on the DR. After a half hour of nothing we reeled in to swap and there were fish on them. It was the hottest first thing in the am and then slowed after that. Used Kokabow dodgers. Watermelon and one that was yellow and orange. Also used a Christensen tackle green/silver dodger. Green squids with various colors of blades. Bloody Tuna and Kokanee special on gulp maggots. Kids had a great time. My wife has to remind me that we cant fish from 6 am til 10 Pm with the young kids... I am sure we would have caught more if we were out longer. Good luck to everyone out there!

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    Default 6 hrs - 10 Kok.

    Fished yesterday from 10:00Am 'til 4:00PM, boated 10 good size & fat kok and lost about 8 fish, release 1 little kok. None rainbow or Chinook. Fished from Curlew to Wood creek. That was a beautiful day until the wind came up in the afternoon. Fish from 5' to 25' with DR. Long line pole about 75' line out 1.1/2 oz sinker Kokabow dodger + green squid, pink squid was good too.'

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