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Thread: 2019 Eastern Idaho Kokanee Report (Ririe/Palisades/ Island Park Reservoirs)

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    Default 2019 Eastern Idaho Kokanee Report (Ririe/Palisades/ Island Park Reservoirs)

    Good luck to those fishing Eastern Idaho this year.
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    Anybody got some good tips on where to start at?

    Never fished Ririe, have a new boat, and fishfinder, so I will be trying to get the sensitivity and what not dialed in on it, while looking for fish at the same time, in a new lake. Not new to boating, but new to having my own boat, not much experience setting up a finder.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thinking about heading out next Saturday the 20th of March. Thanks!

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    I usually fish across from the Juniper boat ramp. Look along the far shore and by the dam. If that does not work, cruise upstream to the picnic area. Good Luck. Give us a report if you go. I am getting antsy to get out this year.

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    Default No Luck at Ririe Friday

    I fished Ririe on Friday from around 10 am to a little after 3 pm. I fished near the dam, across from the Juniper Launch and up by the picnic area. I ran a flat line with 1 oz of lead from 40 feet to 100 feet out. I ran the downrigger from 20-50 feet. I ran all kind of lure and color combinations. I varied speeds from 1.0-1.5 mph. I did not get a single hit. It felt good to finally get out, but it was frustrating. No one else I talked to seemed to do good either. Water temp was around 45 F. Maybe next time.

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    Made it out yesterday, no luck other than a successful boating test. Checked out the whole lake it's a pretty cool place I will definitely be back!

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    Default Palisades

    Fished Palisades Reservoir today from Blowout ramp up to Calamity ramp. Fished from 9 am until around 4 pm when the wind really kicked up. Caught a mess of cutthroats up to 16 or 17" and a few small rainbows, most on small spoons or small rapalas. No luck on kokanee. Tried different flasher and dodger combinations, on the surface, with 1 oz of lead, and DR from 20-40 ft.

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    It appears Ririe lost a whole year class of fish for the 2nd year in a row. Very few Kokes being found anywhere on the lake.
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    Default Less Fish in Ririe But,

    I went out last week, Wed or Thurs. I caught 14 and lost one and also caught a few bows that got in the way. The numbers are poor but I found fish close to the shore line in spots. I had to go from spot to favorite spot looking. Largest 14 inch but most of them around 12 inch. The Kokes actually were starting to get the pink or red-ish shimmer to them. The quality of the meat on most of the fish was orangish. Less red that usual. I smoked them all because the quality of the fish was not like previous years. Ririe has for sure changed.

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    Default Ririe June 12th

    We fished Ririe last Wednesday. It was slow and sporadic, but we did catch some fish. We ended up with 7 kokanee between the two of us. My friend Dave caught 6 of them including 1 that was 16 inches and one that was just under 17 inches. Those are very good fish for Ririe and made up for the slow action. The biggest ones had really nice orange fillets. For some reason I caught mostly rainbows, around 14-15 inches. We let most of them go, but kept a few. I lost track of how many we landed, probably around a dozen. The action was slow and sporadic. Long periods with no action, then 2 fish 15 minutes apart. Best action seemed to be North of the picnic area with the floating outhouse. No color seemed to be really hot. We started at 20-25 feet on the DR and ended up around 35 feet by afternoon. No kokanee on the long line, but several rainbows with 1 oz and 70-80 feet of line.


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