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    Hi all, I've been fishing for trout all my life but only recently became interested in Kokanee. On an ice fishing trip this last winter to Patterson Lake my dad and I really got into the kokes. I caught over 60 in two and a half days on the ice. The fish weren't huge (11-15") but came by in schools, fought great, and (the few I kept) tasted delicious. Now, I'd like to try to get into more other times of year.

    Like I said, I've been a trout fisherman all my life. While I was born and raised in Kent, my dad is from Springfield, Oregon (Go Ducks!) and I grew up flyfishing Diamond, Crane Prairie, and the Mckenzie. More locally, I enjoy fishing Mineral and Nahwatzel for the bigger planters and holdovers but also the little lakes near me that get planted with catchables. I've also done well fishing for largemouth and smallmouth in lakes near me. In fact, I got PB's in both categories last summer (5.2 lb SM out of Meridian and a 7.5 lb LM out of a little pond).
    In the past few years, I've had a blast wearing my arms out on the Chum runs at Hoodsport.

    I'm looking forward to learning more from all of you about kokanee and becoming a more well-rounded fisherman.

    Tight Lines,

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    Welcome aboard Kingfisher, I've found a wealth of Kok info on this site..101welcom

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    Welcome! You're in good company here and you'll get a wealth of different perspectives and ideas if you ask questions about what works for people.


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    aboard Kent Koke fishing is a lot of fun but so is the other species.
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