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Thread: West Hill, East Twin lakes CT.

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    Default West Hill, East Twin lakes CT.

    Been a while since anyone has mentioned these two Kokanee fisheries. Curious to know how they are holding up, and wondering how the fishing has been the last few years.

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    Default West Hill & East Twin

    Well the fishing at both West Hill and East Twin have gone into strange conditions.
    Still fish in both lakes but West Hill seems to have fewer Koks. We all belive it is due to the DEEP stocking Seaforellen Bowns in West Hill. (I kill "every" Seaforellen I catch-Good Eagle or Fox food)
    What Koks that are there are by east coast standards few in number but HUGE (17"-21"). Fishing is really tough and the fish don't seem to school up as they should.
    As for East Twin - Trolling seems the only way to hook these fish. They are smaller (9"-13").


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    Seadog, good to hear you're still at the kokes!!Hope the lobster rolls are still on your way to the lake.


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