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Thread: spoons at the gorge

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    Default spoons at the gorge

    We used RMT serpent spoons with good success the first couple years we fished the Gorge (per JJ's recommendation, of course ). I now have a large supply of these, but seem to have had less success with them on kokes (still get mack pups fine) the last few years going doing better with hoochies and generally an apex on at least one rod. Maybe its all in my head as we all know we catch better with what we have confidence in and keep on end of the line. Also, we all know that different lures have optimal speed for best action, etc. So maybe difficult to fish spoons and hoochies together? What say ye?

    Just tossing you guys a bone to fight over.

    Tight lines,

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    Chuck, for me, the spoons were just another weapon in the arsenal but never my go to lure. They usually went on when things were slow and I was grasping at something to put a fish in the boat. They seemed to work on days where no lure appeared to be a favorite and each lure would catch one fish and go dead. The spoons are certainly trout getters so I hold on to them.
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    Default spoons

    We have had days on the Gorge when the only thing the Koke's would take was the Ospray spoon from Kokanee creek They are made from plastic or nylon, the orange and white was the best for us but the pink and white also worked, However, it also could have just been we didn't adjust our trolling speed correctly for the flasher/squid combo. squids are pretty much what I try first, next is the osprey, then a double wedding ring, then anything else that I have in the box. I think lakes kind of go in cycles, spoons used to be the go to lure for the gorge, It might be heading that way again, IMHO.

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    I agree, but still have days that spoons perform. A good example is a trip this spring where we fished Sheep Creek Bay, Pipeline and Wildhorse. We ran four rods the whole time, but only one seemed to catch fish, and it was rigged with a #1 Needlefish in Pearl Bikini. That was a hot lure and color for me in 2006-08. Anyway, we cycled through gear on the other three rods, finally getting one koke on a dodger/squid combo. We were surprised to say the least. A few days later we were back out and ran the Needlefish the entire morning and it never got hit. All the kokes came on dodger/squids. Hard to figure why one lure works when others don't, but it's always nice to have options in the boat during the lean times.

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    Man I'm glad you said it!! The RMT viper spoon was once my GO TO lure for Kokes but this year NOTTA???
    Hand tied squids have been the top producer.....


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