Hi All, thought I would drop a report on Elven Mile this past weekend. Fishing was good picked up a couple nice 15" 3 yr old kokes and big Bows were out cruising around. We hooked several and kept 4 20" for diner Sat. Same Fare Sunday they were great eating. Froze the rest along with the Koke filets. The Kokanee are starting school up for the fall and we got them about 30 on pink every thing. The trout came via the pink tazs one an orange 13.5gm black stripes. Water at the surface was 62 and cooling down fast as the Aspen are showing some color. Temp was 56.8 @ 36ft and most the silver bullets came from there. Had a great time eating good tasting fish and the BBQ was not bad either. The fishing was good and along with the view up there is what keeps me coming back to Eleven Mile. There is better trout water and lots better Kokanee water but the little lake does have it's moments or two. Sorry no pics this time my old digital camera died and I really haven't found one I like yet, no I don't have a smart phone, I gave that up when I retired.
Keep your bilge dry, your lines wet.