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    Guys are already starting to chase the silver rockets around and the water is rising nicely, A good snow pack is going to help the water level up, unfortunately that also mean the recreational boats will be back. It was kind of nice last summer not getting circled by wake boats, even at 0800 in the morning.
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    The KPO is now collecting catch records for all the lakes in Oregon. To help us out please go to the website and under fishing reports fill out the catch record form each time you go out fishing. We can then share this data with the ODFW to show them what is being caught at the area lakes. The KPO will be working with the ODFW this year to stock Detroit Lake with larger sized kokanee in hopes that they will not be just food for the trout and chinook in the lake.

    Thanks for the help improving our fishery.
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    Fished Detroit today and did OK. We went 7/12 and kept 5 nice 12-13" kokanee. Most of them were caught off the tip of the island right across from the ramp. Fished 30-50' down on the rigger with spinners. Hoochies just were not getting hit. Water clarity is ok but it would be better once it clears some more.

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    Default Detroit Stocking from the KPO

    This years kokanee fry were successfully released into Detroit on Monday 10/3 and Tues 10/4. The fry were raised to 5.5" and were in good health. There was no reported loss during the transfer to the lake. These fish have been fin clipped so please fill out the catch record report on the website. Report how many of your catch were fin clipped and in the comments state the size of the fin clipped fish. This will be important data moving forward with this project. Our hopes are that this project will produce a higher survival rate and bigger fish in the future. If all goes well and the numbers increase we may be able to lobby for a kokanee bonus limit at Detroit.

    Just want to say thanks to all those that have been working on this project, Bio-Oregon for donating the feed for raising the fry, the Detroit Business Association for their generous donation to the project and the Andrew Hedesh Memorial Fund for donating the funds to cover the cost of the fin clipping.

    Tight Lines,

    Kokanee Power of Oregon


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