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Thread: Christmas Dinner

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    Default Christmas Dinner

    What's for Christmas dinner at your house or where ever your going to be?

    The wife & I will be spending another Christmas here at home. I am going to spend the day working with the smoker cooking a bone-in Prime Rib roast. That will be the main coarse instead of the traditional turkey or ham. Side dishes to be determined later.

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    Prime rib, Home made Raviolli, Salad, other sides, and a little christmas cheer!
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    I want to see a step by step tutorial on the smoked PR.
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    here's one I did a while back a reverse sear
    this weekend I did my rib eye roast, au jus and smoked potatoes. first the roast a 5 1/5 lb with the facap trimmed to 1/8'' thick

    then dry and rub with Worcestershire sauce then add a simple rub, liberal amounts to taste of
    kosher salt
    fresh ground 3 pepper corns mix
    garlic granules
    then pack on the roast, wrap tight in plastic and refrigerate over night

    after that I make the smoked potato slather I use
    2 cubes of salted butter
    1 tbl sp of garlic granules
    1 tbl sp of parsley
    1t sp of kosher salt
    1 1/2 tbl sp of fresh ground 3 pepper corns
    melt butter, mix ingredients cover and refrigerate

    now I start the au jus I use
    about 1 cup of au jus I made from my brisket
    1 cup of beef broth
    1/2 of a med onion
    1/4 cup of green onion
    1 small carrot chopped
    4 garlic cloves chopped
    1 5'' stick of fresh rosemary
    1 t sp of crushed sweet basil
    1 t sp of crushed parsley
    1/2 t sp of crushed sage
    1/2 t sp of crushed thyme
    mix and put in a full shallow pan and cover in refrigerator over night (I don't add any salt because the salt from the roast and potatoes drip into it while cooking)

    this morning took every thing out and set up the pit with mesquite pellets and arranged the racks with the potatoes on top so the butter slather drips down on the meat and into the au jus

    now close up and set for 180 and slather the potatoes every 1/2 hour (and maybe some on the roast) then pull the meat at 120 (yes 120)

    ""this next part is very important and should not be altered"" put in a cambro or a cooler wrapped and let set for 2 hrs
    now wrap the potatoes in foil but add the rest of the slather to them and crank the smoker up to 325 to finish the potatoes and au jus when done strain the au jus into a serving bowl then 1/2 hour before the 2 hrs toss in the foil wrapped garlic bread in the smoker, pre heat the kitchen oven to 500 degrees. when temp is reached, put the roast on a rack uncovered with a drip pan underneath it for 6-10 min MAX to reverse sear, this way you have hot tender pink juicy meat all the way thru, crunchy crust and no or very little brown/grey over done meat on the out side.

    get the horse radish and fixens and enjoy the best rib roast you ever had

    one thing for those that like there meat well done and the ends are not done enough for them, get a frying pan put some au jus in it and heat it up a bit and put there meat in for a min or so, the au jus takes the pink away and cooks it with out drying. the potato skins are the best part, and if you twice bake them with some cheese they are even better. hope this takes the fear of cooking this expensive cut of meat and serve it for the holidays or special occasions. I forgot to tell you to poke the potatoes many times with a fork to let in the smoke and flavors dfly

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