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Thread: Homemade Musky Bucktail Tying Issues

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    Default Homemade Musky Bucktail Tying Issues

    Hello everyone. Having some issues tying my own bucktail trebbles. I've been tying flies for years but new to bucktails. My tails never seem to be as bushy in the water like a mepps tail. If i add a ton more hair I end up with a huge head of thread that I cant really finish to well and often times falls apart. Any pointers would greatly be appricated. Thanks all.

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    Mepps Musky Killer bucktails do have quite a large end where wrapped. Perhaps curved scissors would aid in rounding the end? I would consider tying in the hair with a few loose wraps, then give it a good pull to cause the hair to flair (just a little). Pay attention to the curve of the bucktail hair so that it curves out and then back. You will have to add a lot of hair to look like a Musky Killer, but I've caught many fish on thinning tails (or no tail left). Anyway, once the tail looks the way that you want it, epoxy (or super glue) the area with the wraps very well (try to soak the hair and the wraps, but only in that pinched area where your wraps are). Let dry, clip off the extra end of the hair and then epoxy the whole thing like crazy and wrap well with more thread.

    Might work :)

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    BTW - welcome to the board!

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