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Thread: DAV Volunteer Needing help with Strawberry Res. Fishing techniques

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    Default DAV Volunteer Needing help with Strawberry Res. Fishing techniques

    I've volunteered for taking a couple of veterans on the DAV Fishing Day this saturday and I'm looking for a little direction and help so I can show the Veterans a good time.

    I'm fairly new to boat fishing, and have tried to head up to strawberry a couple of times in the last month to get familiar with the lake but have had limited success. My boat is a Boston Whaler, I have a downrigger, trolling motor, fish finder. I usually try to troll with either a dodger and a squid, or pop gear and needle fish or wedding ring troller/worm I have had some success but feel like I'm either doing something wrong or in the wrong areas. I would love to get the vets to some kokanee and is what I have been trying for lately with the dodger/squid but with no luck. I have been shooting for around 35-40 feet when using the downrigger and have been trolling around 1.8 mph. When I use leaded line (w/o downrigger) I usually put it out 7 colors. I have never tried jigging and don't know how, I would like to learn though!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! maybe I'm just in the complete wrong place on the lake, again, I would love to get into some kokanee! PM me if you would rather keep your secrets off the main board, and I'll keep it to myself.


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    Check out my reply to your post on BFT.


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