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Thread: Strawberry 5-19-2012

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    Fished Strawberry today with Lance Bosworth, Katelyn Bosworth and my wife Skye. We tried for Kokanee but no luck. We fished the Soldier Creek Side and was fishing by 5:45 am and done by 10:00 am. However we got alot of fish. Caught 23 Rainbows kept 11 with the smallest one weighing over 1 1/4 pounds the biggest at 2 1/2 pounds. Also got 11 cuttroats 3 in the slot and the rest was under. The best lures were Double Glow Pink Dakota Spinner, Shiny Orange Dakota Spinner, and the new Rainbow Slammin' Salmon Squid. We were trolling all lures behind the New Dakota Dodgers and the Radical Lure Scent.

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    I may be up there this weekend depending on the weather. Thanks for the report.


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