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Thread: 2012 summer Fishing 4 Down Syndrome

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    Hello everyone!!! Haven't been on here for a couple months, but I am back in the mix. So with a few new ladies that are helping me out with the future Fishing 4 Down Syndrome tournaments things will be so much more organized and planned out. Having reliable and supportive help is what I lacked before. I am asking for your opinions on a derby for late June or middle-late July. What would you all rather see...Flaming Gorge Reservoir on the UTAH side, Flaming Gorge Reservoir on the WYOMING side, or Fontenelle Reservoir? How is Kokanee fishing on Fontenelle in late June - July??? Dates also??? Please leave your input if you could...need to make a desicion within the next week. Thanks guys and thank you all for your support in helping me grow into's been very hard!

    -Richie Kaumo

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    With having tournaments already on the Gorge in May and June, having yours in July would be nice, and on the Wyoming side.


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