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    I've been constructing some lures this winter and the time has come to order some spinner blades. Since there are a million (almost literally) different blades to choose from, I thought I'd get the opinions of some of you much more experienced then me as to what's important in a Kokanee blade.

    Colorado - Most common? I believe this spins at the slowest trolling/retrieval speed.
    Indiana/French - Requires slightly faster trolling/retrieval speed to spin, but I have never heard or seen anything that indicates that there would be spin issues even at the slow trolling speeds often used for Kokanee.
    Willowleaf - Need the highest speed to rotate. Does anyone use these and if so, has it caused you any issues? I've had issues with rooster tail spinner blades not rotating at slow speeds before and they are a similar shape.
    Dakota - Relatively uncommon in pre-made gear, but that seems to be because they are a newer design. Does anyone know of any advantages or disadvantages they hold over more traditional blades?
    Smile - New kid on the block. Lots of different colors available. I would guess that they would give off less vibration since they're not made of as rigid of material as the metal blades. Any advantages?

    It seems like sizes 2 & 3 are pretty common in the pre-constructed baits sold. Does anyone have a preference when constructing their baits? My tendancy would be to lean towards size 3 for slightly more flash and visibility, but I suppose they could be more likely to scare of more skittish fish. Has anyone experimented with larger blades? Is there advantages to using smaller blades in certain rigs, say in front of a tube or hoochie? What about when using two blades on one rig?

    This is where the most variation is available. You have bare metal finishes (nickel, brass, silver, gold, etc.), bare metal hammered finishes, painted (normal colors, fluorescent colors, or glow colors) and even reflective tape or foil blades.

    Does anyone have a preference between hammered blades and smooth blades? I've always been a fan of smooth blades, but after meditating on it for a while I can see how hammered blades might produce a more dispersed flash as well as more vibration. I assume that both nickel and brass are good choices depending on different variables, much like dodgers.

    Has anyone had extensive use of glow in the dark blades? I know glow in the dark beads are used frequently, but I'm curious if having glow blades helps or if it would be better to have a bare metal blade or painted blade with glow beads as contrast?

    I would think that painted blades would be somewhat useful closer to the surface, but would probably be much less visible than more reflective blades when fishing deeper. I suppose this isn't necessarily a negative. Does anyone have any experiences either way with pained blades? I would guess more reflective foil blades would reflect more color at deeper depths.

    I suppose this all also changes with water color and clarity just to throw another variable in to the mix :)

    I know that there are no "right" answers, since a fish can choose to like or dislike whatever it sees at any given time, but I am curious to see what people's experiences have been.

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    Default big topic

    Sculpin King this is a very big topic Its been my experience different lakes take different spinners I have no idea why. its just experience fishing different waters. and example I found I had excellent results this year with the Indiania diamond blade#3 on my wedding rings everywhere/ had to change up to solid gold or silver/or colored but this blade really inpressed me trolling speed 1.5/1.7 was magic. two lakes that were colored blue wallowa and cresrent willow leaf was magic/ also I label lakes as either a brass lake or silver depending on water clarity. this very important on clear lakes to much flash can do the opposite reaction. i suggest do a log write down what happens after ever outting like water temperture, clairty, weather sunny cloudy this will decide what colores to use How deep/ what bait etc. then you can review your past experience.HAVE A GOOD ARAY put up in your tackle

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    Easy version, Most of what I will be re tying this year, are very small 0-1 Indiana hammered Nickel or Chrome work very well for me and are often used in pairs, I do have larger and at times I will only be using Smile blades depends. TL

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    Close to the surface I've had better luck with brass on a cloudy day (an old generalization that seems to be right on most of the time, brass on cloudy days, silver on clear, on cloudy days the brass seems to outdo the silver, but on clear days the brass will still be better sometimes, but silver never seems to outdo brass on cloudy or foggy days.I haven't tried glow blades but have had luck with glow tapered bead bodies , I ordered glow tapered beads from Mack lures,( the type they use on wedding rings) worked well at depths(30 to 60 ft.).I haven't seen these bodies on store bought wedding rings.I've used the procure u.v.Trophy trout gel on blades on overcast days, I think the glow helps, just got the u.v. kokanee gel as well but haven't tried it yet, anyone use it?I use the green tape for blades from Mack lures as well, when they stopped putting it on blades I sent off for a bunch, sometimes kicks butt over silver or brass. I don't think they glow, though. Great subject for discussion, though.I haven't had much luck on smile blades yet, maybe I need to try them more. Bob R

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