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    Current g/f has a dehydrator,
    and we've tried drying some fish a couple times now.

    Filleted 4-5 fish and cut all the little bones out, and cut the sides down to 3-4 square inch pieces and marinate overnight with a half strength mix of some hickory jerky brine mix and a 1/4 cup of some salmon marinate I had in the fridge...

    Skin side down on the racks and leave it for a few hours. My fish tend to have a lot of fat on them and at some point have to mop up the bottom of the dehydrator. I pat the fillets with paper towel quite firmly and the oil oozes out. Last batch I turned over for half the time, don't know if it made any difference...

    Takes a good 6 hours depending on the thickness of the fillets, I start poking at them after 4-5 hours. Pretty hard to over dry when they have this much oil, and I like it on the tender side. I put them in an old pickle jar and keep it in the fridge.

    Probably some of the tastiest fish I've ever eaten. So much so, I haven't had any desire to pull the smoker out yet. If I run run out of marinate I'll just start using some locally made Birch bbq sauce, or a bit of hot sauce... pretty much endless what they can be flavored with, or just leave au natural.

    Doubt I'll put a fish in a pan ever again.


    P.S. I mix in some rainbows if I have some, and the difference in taste is quite marked, Kokanee have much much more flavor.
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    Tks for posting that. I've been wanting to try something different so I'll give it a shot next time I have some to try beyond feeding the Kokanee starving family.

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    I really recommend you do try if you have a dehydrator, and if not, its a good reason to buy one.


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