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Thread: Heading out to GP on Sunday 6/20

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    Talking Heading out to GP on Sunday 6/20

    I'm heading out to Green Peter Lake on Sunday 6/20 with a can of Shoepeg corn, a ford fender, a can of Monster and a couple of baloney sandwiches in a kayak, with no fish finder.

    Anyone got any suggestions?

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    Just to beware of the wind! Right around 10:00, it picks up. Never fished from a kayak. Good luck to you.

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    I do a lot of Kayak fishing, mostly on Foster. As was said, the wind is a killer, the 5,000 boats may be worse. Get there early, You might try launching from the "ramp" across the dam.I have not ever seen this launch area, but you should be able to get a Kayak in there pretty easy and you won't have far to go to the fishing areas and won't have to fight the other boats. You can troll near the dam and the boat traffic is much lighter at that end of the lake. We fished by the dam on Friday from a boat and did good. You don't need a depth finder. Just let out around 100 ft of line and paddle around. The fish will do the rest. We did well in the middle of the lake a few hundred yards from the dam.

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