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Thread: 2021 Utah/Wyoming Regulations

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    Default 2021 Utah/Wyoming Regulations

    Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Daggett County, Utah

    Utah Administrative Rule 657-13-20 Code 23-20-3
    Rules for Specific Waters
    ■Limit 4 trout or kokanee salmon (EXCLUDING LAKE TROUT) in the aggregate, no more than 3 may be kokanee salmon.
    ■Limit 12 lake trout/mackinaw, only 1 may exceed 28 inches.
    All kokanee salmon caught from Sept.10 through Nov. 30 must be immediately released.
    ■Linwood Bay, west of a line from the easternmost point of the south shore of Linwood Bay (mouth of canyon) to easternmost point of the north shore of Linwood Bay (Lucerne Point), CLOSED between official sunset and sunrise, Oct. 15 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of December.
    ■Limit 6 catfish.
    ■Limit 10 smallmouth and largemouth bass in the aggregate.
    ■No limit for burbot. Anglers must not release any burbot they catch. All burbot must be immediately killed.
    Utah Administrative Rule R657-13-5 Code 23-19-2
    To fish across state lines at Flaming Gorge, you must have a valid resident fishing license from one state and a reciprocal fishing permit from the other state. For example, if you buy a Utah resident fishing license, you can fish the Utah portion of Flaming Gorge. After buying your Utah license, if you decide you also want to fish the Wyoming portion of the reservoir, you must buy a Wyoming reciprocal fishing permit. You can also choose to purchase a Wyoming fishing license. If you are not a resident of either Utah or Wyoming — and you want to fish the entire reservoir — you must purchase nonresident fishing licenses from both states. For more information on obtaining a Wyoming reciprocal fishing permit or a Wyoming fishing license, call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at 307-777-4600. Utah reciprocal fishing permits are available at and from authorized license agents and Division office. It is your responsibility to know and follow each state’s laws and rules for Flaming Gorge. Reminder: Even if you are licensed in both states, you may only take one daily limit each day.
    More information about reciprocal permits
    ■ Utah reciprocal fishing permits are valid for 365 days from the day you buy them.
    ■ You must sign your name on your reciprocal permit the same way you signed your name on your fishing license
    Utah Administrative Rule 657-13-7 Code 23-20-3
    If you are under age 12 or have a valid Utah fishing or combination license, you can fish with two poles at any water in the state during its open fishing season. You may keep only one daily limit of fish. Using a second pole does NOT allow you to keep two daily limits of fish.


    Planning to use your boat in Utah? There are new requirements you need to know! Starting July 1, 2020, those with motorized vessels are required to:
    • Complete an online education course
    • Pay a $20 annual fee to use a boat at any waterbody in Utah
    Both the online education and the $20 fee will be required of owners of boats not currently registered in the state of Utah, but that will be used within Utah. The course, the payment portal, and more information can be found at starting June 30.
    Thank you for your cooperation and for doing your part to help protect Utah’s waters from aquatic invasive species!

    Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Sweetwater County, Wyoming agents for AIS decal.

    The creel limit on trout (excluding lake trout) shall be four (4) per day or in possession. No more than three (3) shall be kokanee salmon.
    The creel limit on lake trout shall be eight (12) per day 24 in
    possession. No more than one (1) lake trout shall exceed twentyeight
    (28) inches.
    The creel limit on bass shall be ten (10) per day or in possession.
    All kokanee salmon caught from September 10 through
    November 30 shall be released to the water immediately.
    All lake trout must be kept whole (gills and entrails may be removed) until the angler is off the water or ice and done fishing for the day. Once off the water or ice and done fishing for the day, lake trout can be filleted for transportation and storage. A piece of skin large enough to allow species identification (at least one (1) inch square) shall remain on all fish fillets while in transit or in the field.
    The possession or use of gaffs for landing fish is prohibited.Except as otherwise provided, fish shall only be taken or fished for with a maximum of two (2) rods or poles, with lines and hooks attached and the angler in attendance. No line may have more than three (3) single hooked devices attached. It is legal to use hand lines, set lines, poles, or tip ups when fishing through the ice and the angler is in attendance.
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