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Thread: Roll Call

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    May 2010
    Vancouver, WA


    Name: Rod
    Occupation: Logistics Manager
    Hometown: Vancouver, WA
    Lakes: Merwin, Wallowa, Lake Berryessa
    Years Fishing: 50
    Years fishing Kokanee : 50
    Methods: Trolling
    Boat: 22 ft. North River Seahawk. I go ocean fishing alot also.

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    maple falls, wa.


    name Chris
    occupation Boat Rigger
    home town Coldwater,Mi./Bellingham
    lakes Whatcom,Samish& Silver
    years fishing 56?
    years kokanee fishing 1
    method trolling
    boat Lowe 16 ft flat bottom

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    Default Roll call

    Name: Ron
    Occupation: Manager
    Hometown: Boring, OR
    Lakes: Paulina, Merwin, Yale
    Years Fishing: 44
    Years fishing Kokanee : 9
    Methods: Trolling and Jigging
    Boat: 16 ft. Smokercraft Sportsman

    Favorite fishing is kokes and steelhead. Love taking the kids out on Yale.

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    Vancouver WA


    I'm here! hey does anyone out there have any info on Billy Clapp Res? I hear it's in central washington?

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    Name: Charlie
    Occupation: Retired
    Hometown: Woodinville, WA
    Lakes: Rookie, Lake Stevens or Lake McMurray?
    Years fishing: 60 years
    Koke fishing: Rookie
    Method: Trolling?
    Boat: 14 Ft. Duroboat

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    Cononully, Washington

    Default North Central Washington

    Name: Marty
    Occupation: Retired/student
    Hometown: Conconully
    Lakes: Chelan, Palmer, Roosevelt, Bonepart
    Years fishing: 45 yrs.
    Koke fishing: Go when I can
    Method: Trolling
    Boat: 18' Sterling Deep-V center console

    Born and raised in Oregon and fished Wickiup, Suttle, Green Peter, and Timothy for Kokanee.

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    Hope this helps. No Kokes to my Knowledge. Lots of skiers.

    Billy Clapp Lake is formed by Pinto Dam which is part of the Columbia Basin Project. Lands around the 1,010 acre lake are included in a wildlife reserve program. Access is limited. Summer Falls State Park, on the north end of the lake, is open for day use. The Department of Wildlife provides public access and the only boat ramp at the south end. Angling opportunities include yellow perch, crappie, rainbow trout, and walleye. Fishing season year-round.

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    Name: Tom

    Occupation: Inside sales and repairs electric motors

    Hometown: Portland

    Lakes of most experience:Simtustus, Been to Yale once

    Total years fishing: 40+ mostly in the ocean

    Years fishing for Kokanee : 1st

    Methods: Trolling, want to learn to jig, downrigger, casting ect.

    Boat: 14ft. Smokercraft Alaskan 18hp. Tohatsu blue canvas top

    This is a great sight. Looking foward to learning this fishery and meeting up with some of you people.

    Peace, Tom
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    Name: John
    Occupation: Systems Analyst & Small Business Owner
    Hometown: Vancouver/Redmond, WA
    Lakes of most experience: Merwin, American, Steilacom, Wallowa, & Billy Chinook
    Total years fishing: 30
    Years fishing for Kokanee: 2
    Methods: Trolling
    Boat: 15.5 Alumaweld Stryker, 40 HP Merc, 4 HP trolling, EZ-Steer, Lowrance HDS-5 Platinum, 3 Cannon Downriggers

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    Name: Rod Rieder
    Occupation: Fishing/Marine Sales Manager Lacey Cabela's Store
    Hometown: Madison, WI, Yet now live in Yelm, WA
    Lakes: Merwin, Yale, American, and Summit
    Years fishing: 34 yrs.
    Koke fishing: Go when I can
    Method: Trolling
    Boat: Blue 14 ft Duroboat, 25 HP outboard, with Black Walker Electric Downriggers and white Riptide transom mount Trolling motor.

    Always glad to help and see you soon on the water!!!
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    Name: Chris
    Occupation: cancer treatment, radiation therapy
    Hometown: Seattle
    Lakes of most experience: Lake WA. Bitter, Haller, Green lake (non koke lakes)
    Total years fishing: 40
    Years fishing for Kokanee: first time was this week.
    Methods: Trolling,
    Boat: 14' Lund, 25 hp merc.

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    Name: Mark
    Occupation: Quality Assurance Manager
    Hometown: Puyallup
    Lakes of most experience: American, Clear, Alder
    Total years fishing: 30
    Years fishing for Kokanee: 5
    Methods: Trolling
    Boat: Lund, 15 Hp Merc, 2 Downriggers, Electric Trolling Motor

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    Default Roll Call

    Name: Bruce
    Occupation: Retired Electrician
    Hometown: Vancouver(raised Corvallis, Oregon)
    Lakes of experience: Crescent, Odell, Elk, Detroit, GP,Paulina. Odell, Crane,
    Merwin, Wallowa
    Yrs fishing: 56
    Kokanee: 50+
    favorite method: downrigger trolling
    Boat: 20 foot Hewes 3 downriggers

    The"old: methods still do just as good as all the new stuff, Trust me
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    SW Washington


    Name: Brian
    Occupation: Caterpillar parts
    Hometown: just North of Camas
    Lakes of experience: Grew up fishing Odell but it's been about 20yrs ago
    Yrs fishing: on and off for about 30yrs. Recently I've been doing a lot of bottom fishing and trolling for Coho on my dads Dory out of Pacific City Or.
    Kokanee: probably about ten years as a kid
    favorite method: trolling
    Boat: Just picked up a 12' Duroboat with a 8hp Honda. Hoping to fish a few of the local lakes and do some crabbing in Nestuca Bay. Maybe even get back to Odell at some point.

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    Name: Joe
    Occupation: Factory Guy
    Hometown: Tacoma
    Lakes of experience: American, Riffe, Summit
    Total years fishing: In WA 40+
    Total years fishing for kokes: 3 1/2 seasons
    Favorite method: Trolling, but learning the how to jig them up!
    Boat: SmokerCraft Osprey DLX

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    Lakes of most experience:Samish
    Total years fishing:60+
    Years fishing for Kokanee:NewB
    Methods:Trolling,but I am presently without a boat. (If someone needs to balance the weight in their boat, I make excellent ballast.)

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    Name: Mark McWillis
    Occupation: Firearms accessory manufacturer
    Lakes of most Kokanee experience: Merwin
    Total years fishing: 40+
    Years fishing for Kokanee: Counting this year.....1
    Methods: Trolling
    Boat: see below

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    Quote Originally Posted by MackPrince View Post
    Please re-introduce yourself to the Washington Board. I want to keep my contacts up to date and check on our coverage of the many great kokanee fisheries in the state. I look forward to your local reports and discussion threads and perhaps we may be able to organize a gathering in the future.

    For me-
    Name: Matt
    Occupation: School Counselor
    Hometown: Vancouver (raised in Spokane)
    Lakes of most experience: Loon, Merwin, Yale
    Total years fishing: 26
    Years fishing for Kokanee :18
    Methods: Trolling, jigging, night fishing
    John Brewer
    Retired timberfaller/baker
    Hometown Vernonia Ore.
    Total years fishing:60
    Years fishing Kokanee 0
    Methods still too learn101shock110
    I will probably become a pain in the butt. I'm one of those that don't mind asking for help and appreciate all I get. Please be gentle.

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    Name; John
    Occ.:Medically retired military, teacher
    Residence: Castle Rock
    Experience : Fishing 50+ years, Kokes 2 yrs.
    Howdy, everybody! Another summer, some more silver in the boat!
    Got a new used 16' Steensen sled over the winter...she wants to hit the lakes, but the rivers keep calling, too...what a sweet dilemma!
    Got a sweet little car towable 2 man boat set up for kokes for sale or trade, if anyone knows anyone looking...

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    Default roll call

    How cool. A kokanee forum. I thought id log in and give a shout to the silver bullet fishermen of washington.
    Years fishing about 40.
    Kokanee fishing 9 years in a row. off and on before that for many years.
    Home water is American lake.
    Trolling is my fave method. but i have caught them old school still fishing/stripping. and with a jig.
    Smokercraft Tracer. Scotty downriggers.
    Short leaders, heavy flourocarbon. Fish on.

    fish on friends.

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    Default Roll call

    Name: Greg
    Occupation: Millwright
    Hometown: Kalama, Wa. (raised in Brownsville, Ore.)
    Lakes of most experience: Suttle, Odell, Green Peter
    Total years fishing: 42
    Years fishing for Kokanee :15
    Methods: Jigging, re-learning to troll

    Hello all!
    I am new to the forum. Enjoyed reading everyone's posts for a while and decided "what the heck" and joined. I really enjoy fishing for the kokes, just don't get to do it as much as I would like (work seems to get in the way a lot).
    I do have a question though:
    My family and I have been going to Suttle lake for about 15 years in April-May and use to just sack 'em until a few years ago. The fishin' really fell off for us. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what happened to Suttle? Or did we just forget how to catch fish.

    Have fun out there!

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    Default William Dewey- New member

    Name: Bill
    Occupation: Graphic Designer (retired)
    Home Town: Renton WA, Raised in Bay Area of Calif. Spent 4 years in
    U.S. Coast Guard & 4 years in College. Moved to Bellingham WA in '79
    Fishing History: 63 years, All over West of the Rockies U.S. & Canada.
    I have tied flys & made lures since I was 12 years old. & "Fly fished only"
    for a 25 year period.
    Kokanee years: about 6 years, in Merwin, Alder & Roosevelt, Whiskytown CA
    and Paulina in Oregon.
    Other interests: Boat building & Radio Control Elect. airplanes.

    Note: Looking for new local fishing partner West side of Cascades.
    Lost my local fishing buddy to small town life and lower taxes on the
    East side. Need to share trip expenses to major Kokanee sites.
    Have good boat & 5th wheel trailer.

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    Name: Richard
    Occupation: CADD and Surveyor
    Hometown: Mill Creek

    Lakes of most experience: Stevens and Silver (used to have kokes).
    Fished Yale, Samish, Priest Rapids and Lake Pateros last season.

    Total years fishing: 40 years

    Years fishing for Kokanee :All of 2012.

    Methods: Trolling, jigging and flyfishing
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    I just stumbled on this thread

    Name: Rob
    Occupation: develop and manage contracts for USGS
    Hometown: Burley, Id (have lived in Seattle for the last 30yrs)
    Lakes of most experience: Washington (for sockeye - mainly fish the salt)
    Total years fishing: 30
    Years fishing for Kokanee: 0
    Methods: trolling
    Boat: 1964 16' Aristocraft rigged for fishing

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    Default Just Noticed the Roll Call 2

    I have been lurking the forum for a year and just noticed the Washington Roll Call thread also.

    Name: Alan
    Occupation: Retired USN 22 years DSCS (computer tech), casino maintenance tech
    Hometown: Arlington
    Lakes of most experience: Erie (the big one in Ohio) , Stevens for Kokes
    Total years fishing: >50
    Years fishing for Kokanee : < 1
    Methods: Trolling

    Arima Seachaser 17, 115 E-Tec, old Johnson 8 hp kicker (smoke and Koke), Lowrance HDS

    My weekends are Tue & Wed. Have a hard time finding people to go on those days so usually by myself. Anyone interested in Stevens, Coho out of Everett, or Lake Washington after the Coho run - shoot me a PM.


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