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Thread: 2024 Arrowrock Reservoir Kokanee Fishing Report

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    Default 2024 Arrowrock Reservoir Kokanee Fishing Report

    Another year for more koke opportunities. Best of luck to all. Let us hear your stories.
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    Went up last Sunday to get the boat wet. Caught a few nice fish. 30-40’ down in 80-100’ of water. Pink or pink and chartreuse worked. The road is absolutely horrendous. There are signs now with the phone numbers of what I’m assuming are the ACHD commissioners. Probably wouldn’t hurt to start mass calling them.
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    That road is in Boise County.

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    Fished Arrowrock on Thursday...... from sunrise (around 0700) to about noon. The first hour was just awesome. I boated 4 reasonably large Kokes, 3 at about 18 inches and one about 16 inches. I couldn't tell you how many fish got away...but it was lots and lots. Couldn't seem to help pulling the hook. I should have had my limit in about 30 minutes. Then, around 0830, things got absolutely quiet....just By 0900 it was absolutely dead. I saw only a few boats get a fish from about 0900 to noon. I only had 3 drive by hits in the later morning hours. Moved around the reservoir and still didn't pick up any fish.....and only 3 bites. It was like someone shut off a switch.

    There were about 2 dozen trailers in the parking lot and parked on the beach. I had at least a dozen boats fishing around me in the later morning..... so there was considerable pressure and effort present. was absolutely a beautiful morning on the lake. And I met some awesome folks while pulling the boat out of the water. Great Morning....

    The road still sucks....not as bad as I've seen it in the past....but it still sucks.



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