Decided late Sunday to dump home life for a day to do turn & burn day to the Gorge (Strawberry was in heavy thought too), this is my first trip back to the gorge since 2021 which I usually get 3-4 trips in every year. Leaving at 0300 with my small companion, I would get this stare down look from him like he was thinking "what are you doing to me"? For the next 3hrs he was the one that got more sleep than me. Launched at Lucerne and made my way up lake to Anvil & Wildhorse area. Noticed about 5 other boats out away from Wildhorse in the middle of the lake which on sonar I was marking a lot of fish. Water temp was 56 when first launched, when I trolled thru these marked fish I did not get one taker, not even a pup. I was unable to locate any Kokes. Changing up almost everything as far as presentation couldn't buy me a bite. I trolled my way back thru the pipeline & into Rawlins Draw, only the occasional blip on sonar. By noon I was watching the sky now as I could see something was brewing. I brought up my rigs just as the big "W" started providing a rough ride back to Lucerne. Water temp was up to 60 by the time I got off the water. When I reached the top of the ramp parking area, Wyoming Fish & Game was there doing a survey. I have never seen them before on the Utah side doing this before. Got back home by 1730.