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This was Blue Mesa last Monday, April 17

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And this was a few hours ago on April 23.

And while the ramp is clear the marina will need more time.

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Lots of shore fishermen and women out. There is some open water at Old Stevens, where the river now enters the lake. We had a big winter, with lots of snow water, so the lake is expected to reach 70% of full pool. In the past two weeks the lake is up 6 ft.

The hatchery has done its part with stocking and Mother Nature has come through, so the big concerns are gill lice and Mac predation. We fished once last year without a bite but maybe this year will be better with more water. Iíll let you know what we learn from fishing and talking to friends. For now we have our eyes on Lake Powell, with highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 50s. Hoping we all fish until we are exhausted and then do it again the next day. Oh, and letís catch some fish too. Kokanee64